Sports Federation was founded to institutions of higher education of 2000 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and most famous of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under resolution No. 66 of 1999 issued by the Ministry of Education, Youth and the youth sector.
Objectives of the Union
  1. Dissemination of cultural education, social and sports among its members and to create ways and means to exploit their leisure time including benefits due them.
  2. Closer relations between members of the Union each other and closer ties between cultural institutions and social and sporting the state and participate in events and competitions organized by the hardware-based.
  3. Help associations and official bodies to publish sports games and action to promote the cultural aspect, social and sporting members of the Union and the expansion of membership base and attract elements of youth and provide services to their similar configuration is valid.
  4. Work to serve the community and the environment, including return on the benefit of citizens.
  5. Seek to raise the level of sports and sports teams to support the various sports federations to represent the State regional and continental and international levels.
  6. Sports Federation for the higher education institutions is the official organization involved in activities for all the sports organizations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the United Arab Emirates.
Sports Federation vision for higher education institutions

Seeks Sports Federation for the higher education institutions in the UAE to gain access to the site leader in the development of sport and the pursuit in the application of systems and scientific theories related to the domain sports and health to community members at all levels in the UAE, in cooperation with the unions and all the sports institutions and social order to contribute to the advancement movement Mathematical Society.
A Sports Federation for Higher Education Institutions

Sports Federation to seek higher education institutions to contribute to the process of continuous development in the field of fitness and physical education at all levels of the UAE, through effective partnership and cooperation with the ministries, sports federations and clubs, and other relevant institutions in the state. The Union is working to fulfill its mission through the activation of sports activities, cultural and social as well as attention to scientific research and scientific activities, community service and development of sports programs in the state.
11th WUC Equestrian has been cancelled
Monday, October 20, 2014
Dear friends, Following the confirmation by the FISU Executive Committee, it is with heavy regret that we dutifully announce the cancellation of the 11th World University Equestrian Championship due to take place in Abu Dhabi (UAE) in November 17-21. This Championship due to ongoing logistics is...