Article I

Higher Education Sports Federation established for institutions of higher education and it is under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Article II

Federation consists of federal higher education institutions and private institutions licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which is approved for membership.

Article III

The Federation aims to:

  • Work on the development of educational goals and positive behavior among students in higher education institutions.
  • The development of sports awareness and raise the technical level of sports in higher education institutions.
  • Organizing courses and sports programs between institutions of higher education within the state, as well as courses and sports programs for higher education institutions to be hosted by the state.
  • Representation of institutions of higher education in courses and sports programs that are involved outside the state.
  • Develop programs that occupy the space between the students of higher education institutions including that will benefit them and develop their sporting potential.

Article IV

The Federation president is appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and has the following powers:

  • Presidency of the Council of the Federation.
  • Issuing regulations and internal and regulatory decisions of the Federation
  • Adoption of the EU budget and final account.
  • Adoption of plans and programs implemented by the Federation.
  • Adoption of the formation of technical committees and administrative and financial Federation.

Article V

The Federations board of directors composed of a number of members nominated by the President and minister decree of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research appoint them.

Article VI

The Board of Directors has the following powers:

  • The development of plans and programs that govern the affairs of the Federation and preserve the proper functioning of his work.
  • Preparation courses and sports programs and supervise the implementation.
  • The nomination and selection of members of the technical committees, administrative and financial.
  • Adoption of the selection of players participating in the courses, games and sports programs and who are nominated by their institutions.
  • Adoption of the formation of sports teams and groups that represent the state and sports courses and programs that are held outside the country.
  • Put the general policy of the Federation and supervise its implementation.
  • Develop a draft budget and final accounts.

Article VII

Duration of the membership of the Board of Directors for four years.

Article VIII

To the Board of Directors to form specialized committees that oversee the implementation of programs and plans of the Federation.

Article IX

The Federation shall have a general secretariat undertake the implementation of plans and programs of the Federation.

Article X

Federation shall have a secretary-general be appointed by a decision of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the nomination of the President of the Federation.

Article XI

The Secretary-General has the following functions:

  • To supervise the functioning of the Secretariat.
  • Take over the administrative and financial affairs of the Federation.
  • Federation representation in public and private institutions.
  • The signing of the procedures and administrative and financial contracts in accordance with the powers determined by the internal regulations of the Federation.
  • Preparation of annual and periodic reports on the progress of the work of the Association and submitted to the Board of Directors.
  • Any other powers determined by the Board of Directors.

Article XII

The Federation shall have an independent budget consists of the following:

  • The budget approved by the government of Abu Dhabi.
  • Contributions of institutions of higher education to the members of the European Federation.
  • Revenues activities and programs implemented by the Federation.
  • Endowment, donations and contributions unconditional.
  • Any other revenues approved by the Board of Directors and not inconsistent with the objectives of the Federation.

Article XIII

Unless the text in this system applicable regulations and decisions in force at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.