The Regulations of the Higher Education Sports Federation


The following terms and words shall indicate the following definitions in applying this regulations, unless otherwise is indicated in the context:

State: United Arab Emirates. 
The Board: The Board of The Higher Education Sports Federation. 
Regulations: The Regulations of The Higher Education Sports Federation.
The Federation: The Higher Education Sports Federation.
Authority: General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare
President:  President of The Higher Education Sports Federation.
The General Secretary: The General Secretary of The Higher Education Sports Federation.


Achieving uniqueness and pioneering the college sports in Higher Education facilities in The United Arab Emirates


Motivating the college students community for achieving the best in sports activity and pioneering, supporting the university sports activity and promoting sports activity for the university students, encourage positive competition among the youth generation and promoting the concepts of happiness and social coherence.  


1- Regulating championships, tournaments and sport activities for the students of Higher Education facilities by adopting a special regulatory form and cooperation with the concerned United Arab Emirates sports federations.
2- Creating a relationship among students in various universities and Higher Education facilities in the country.
3- Promoting university sports and contribution in forming the sportive student who maintain an academic progress.
4- Promoting the sports culture and encouraging the positive competition among the students of Higher Education facilities, and provide the methods and ways to use their time in the most proper manner.
5- Establishing for the social coherence among Higher Education facilities.
6- Searching for talents throughout competitions, supporting and instruct them to create efficient sportive players that support different sports federations to represent the country in the region, continent and internationally.
7- Create closer connections among the members of the Union and make closer relations between cultural, social and sportive organizations and participating in the events and the competitions that are organized by concerned bodies and organizations.
8- Cooperating with sportive unions and formal authorities to promote different sports and encouraging the progress of cultural, social and sportive approach of the members of the Federation, extending the membership base, attracting the youth and providing the necessary services for their wellbeing.

Article (1)


The Higher Education Sports Federation was established in 2000 in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab of Emirates after being  declared under decree number 66 in 1999.

Article (2)

Terms and Conditions of Membership

1-The application of membership shall be submitted to the General Secretary as per the form made for this purpose.
2- The General Secretary shall deliver the application to the Board of Directors for their approval.
3- The applicant shall be informed with the decision of the Board of Directors approval or decline within two weeks from the date of application submittal.
4- The Federation membership fees shall be 5000 AED on an annual basis.

Article (3)

Duties of the Members

1- Working on achieving the objectives of the Federation and avoiding any harm or defamation of others.
2- Abiding to all the internal rules and regulations, and the instructions and decisions issued by the Board.
3- Paying the annual subscriptions in its due dates.
4- Cooperating with the Board and follow all its instructions.
5- Avoiding gatherings and lobbying that may harm the Federation.
6- Commitment to good manner and proper conduct.

Article (4)

The Federation Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be the executive arm for managing the Federation and it shall be made of seven individuals as following:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • General Secretary
  • Members

Article (5)

The Competence Board of Directors

1. Managing the Federation and supervising all the necessary decisions that guarantees the proper apply of work in the Federation.
2. Issuing internal regulations and taking the necessary decisions that guarantees the proper apply of work in the Federation.
3. Authenticating the schedule of the sportive season, and determine the championships, tournaments, competitions and other activities.
4. Approving the budgeting of the Federation.
5. Approving the financial statements.
6. Forming the subcommittees of the Federation and taking decisions regarding the recommendations of these committees.
7. Approving, pending or dismissing the membership application forms
8. Appointing the employees, technical and consultants and determining the wages and financial leverages and allocating reserved financial rewards.
9. Review and discussing the urgent and important matters that the Board of Directors deem it necessary to present to the governmental sport organizations.

Article (6)


1- The Meeting of the Board shall be deemed legal if it reached the totally agreed number, which is (half of the members +1)
2- In case the total required number of the meeting was not completed the meeting shall be closed and delayed to another date to be determined by the president, by which it shall not be less than 24 hours and shall not exceed one week, and the meeting shall be made with any of the attended members, and the decisions shall be deemed legal.
3- The Board may held an urgent meeting if more than half of the members of the board of directors submitted a written or electronic request to the President of the Board.
4- The meetings of the Board shall be periodical in a place that shall be nominated by the President.
5- The President shall send an invitation in written or electronic form or via social media.


- The decisions shall be legal and obligatory if approved by the majority of the members
- The decisions shall be legal and obligatory if approved by the majority of the votes, by which the President voting shall be count as two votes.

Article (7)

The competences and Duties of the Board of Directors

First: The President of the Board:
1. Being the president of the Boarding or delegating the vice-president or the General Secretary.
2. Presenting the Federation before different authorities and bodies.
3. Signing the contracts and the agreements that are made with the Federation after the approval of the Board.
4. Signing the Transactions.
5. Following the works of the committees in the union.
6. Signing the letters that are deemed necessary by the Board.
7. The Power to take the decisions that are deemed proper for achieving the general interest of the Federation and presenting it to the Board.

Second: The Vice-President:
The Vice-President of the board shall be elected by the members of the Board and shall replace the president and his duties in his absence.

Third: The General Secretary:
1. In charge of the administrative and technical works and the spokesperson of the Federation.
2. Preparing the schedule of the Board and the necessary procedures regarding the minutes of meeting and recording it in the related registers.
3. Supervising the execution of the decisions of the Board of Directors.
4. Reporting to the Board for reviewing these reports.
5. Generalization of the decisions issued by the Board.
6. Supervising the administrative and technical committees.
7. Preparing the annual plan of the Federation activity.

Article (8)

Financial Affairs

The financial year shall start as of 1 January each year and ends in 31 December in the same year.

Article (9)

The Budget of the Federation

1- The annual budget from the Abu Dhabi Sports Council.
2- The support from governmental authorizes.
3- The subscription and part membership fees.
4- Donors and gifts that are approved by the Board.
5- Marketing and sponsorship.

Article (10)

The Bank Account

1- A bank account will be opened in one of the Abu Dhabi in the name of the Federation.
2- The amounts whither budget, government subsidies or sponsorship shall be deposited in the official account of the Federation.
3- The checkbooks shall be kept with the president or his deputy.
4- The signature of two out of three shall certify the checks: The President, Secretary General or their deputies in the Board of Directors.

Article (11)

The Federation may not pay from the budget in any other purposes except those that it was allocated for, and it may not be part of financial speculations.

Article (12)

The budget of the Federation is including subscriptions, immovable and movable assets, sponsorship, marketing and donors will be the ownership of the Federation and none of its members shall have the right of disposal in it.

Article (13)

Any member shall deliberately make loss or damage any of the properties of the Federation shall be obliged to pay its amount or the value of the repairs made to it.

Article (14)

The movable assets shall may not be sold unless there is a decision from the Board approved by the President of the Board regarding it, As for the immovable assets it can be handled by a decision from the Board.

Article (15)

General Regulations
1. The Board may decide whichever internal regulations he deem necessary to arrange the activity of the Board in accordance to the rules of this system.
2. The Board may alter or amend this system in accordance to the Federation conditions.
3. In case the charges or financial dues for any authority or any administrative or financial decision are not mentioned in any financial or administrative rules in the Federation the local low of Abu Dhabi shall prevail.
4. The budget and property of the Federation shall be under the procession of the official competent authority in case the Federation is dissolved.