About us

Higher Education Sports Federation was established year 2000 in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates and declared by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under Decree No. 66 of 1999 issued by the Ministry of Education and youth - youth sector.

The objectives of the Federation

  • Dissemination of cultural and social education and sports among its members and to create ways and means to exploit their leisure time to return them benefit.
  • Closer links between members of the Federation each other and closer relations between cultural institutions and social and sports in the country and participate in events and competitions organized by the hardware-based.
  • Assist federations and bodies to publish official sports and work to promote the cultural and social aspect and sports for members of the Federation and the expanding membership base and attract youth elements and provide the necessary services for their formative valid configuration.
  • Work to serve the community and the environment, including that will benefit the citizens.
  • Seek to raise the level of sports for sports teams and support the various sports federations to represent the State regional, continental and international levels.
  • Higher Education Sports Federation is the official organization dealing with sporting activities for all institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the United Arab Emirates.

Vision of higher education sports federation

Higher Education Sports Federation in the UAE seeks to leadership position in the development of sport and the pursuit in the application of systems and scientific theories associated with the domain sports and health to community members at all levels in the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with the other federations and all the sports institutions and socials in order to contribute to the advancement movement Sports in the community.

Message of higher education Sports Federation

Higher Education Sports Federation seeks to contribute to the process of continuous development in the field of fitness and physical education at all levels of the United Arab Emirates through effective partnership and cooperation with the ministries, sports federations and clubs, and other relevant institutions in the state. The Federation works to achieve its mission through the activation of sports and cultural activities and social as well as attention to scientific research and scientific activities, community services and the development of sports programs in the state.